FSTA contains over 1,500,000 high-quality records directly related to the sciences of food and health, including research from 62 countries and in 37 languages. 

However, quality is more important than quantity.

When you're researching, you don't want to waste your valuable time trawling through pages of irrelevant results. And you don't want to cite research from a predatory journal, which may not have undergone peer review and can damage your own reputation. 

Because of our selection policy and quality management processes: 

  • You can feel confident that your search results won't include predatory journals 
  • All of the results will be relevant to food (if you're researching spirits in FSTA, you won't find any results on the supernatural!) 
  • FSTA is a very efficient database for interdisciplinary research because we weed out anything which isn't relevant to food. We cover lots of journals in related disciplines, like toxicology and agriculture, but we only index the articles which are relevant to food.